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[1 Unit] x Sofa Cloth Art Cleaner 500ml

RM 22.00 RM 3,900.00

[1 Unit] x Sofa Cloth Art Cleaner 500ml

Nenrte Sofa Cloth Art Cleaner offers the best way to restore and protect all of your synthetic Sofa/leather goods. Your faux leather can look and feel as luxurious as the real thing, so it deserves proper care and maintenance, which is easy to provide with this two-in-one product.

  1. Tough on Dirt & Stains - The compound in this Nenrte Sofa Cloth Art Cleaner and conditioner effectively lifts dirt and grime from your faux leather goods, clearing away mild stains. As it works, it also provides the moisture your products need to prevent cracking and fading, keeping them looking like new for years to come.
  2. All-Product Protection - With this Nenrte Sofa Cloth Art Cleaner,you can rest easy knowing you've found a solution for all of your synthetic leather goods. Whether you're looking for a product to care for the upholstery in your car or the couch in your home, this cleaner has you covered. Plus, it'll work great on Nuluxe, Bonded, Vegan, Saffiano, or Durablend Leather
  3. Versatile Coverage - It's important that a few products go a long way, hasn't limited this cleaner to synthetic leather goods. It's also safe and suitable for any vinyl surfaces or products you may have in your car or around your home.
  4. Quick-Dry Absorption - This Nenrte Sofa Cloth Art Cleaner to quickly absorb into your faux leather goods so that you can get back to using them. You won't have to worry about avoiding your car seats or sofa for hours on end, just apply, let dry, and you're done.


  • 500ml liquid of cleaner
  • Clean all types of dirt fabric, leather, carpet, car seat, bag, stroller, baby carseat, shoes and contemporary.
  • Stains like curry sauce, soy sauce, brown, permanent marker pens, etc.
  • Very practical, spray and wipe with a damp cloth until stain is gone.
  • Simple, fast, save money and save time.
  • You should be proud because you save the environment by not throwing your old stuff.