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Car Windscreen Wiper Fluid Ofine Auto Concentrated Clear & Bright (90ML)

RM 10.00


Ofine Clear And Bright Auto Car Windscreen Wiper Concentrated Fluid 90ML

Ofine Auto was developed to improve driving conditions and visibility for all weather conditions, so that you may drive in total safety. Ofine Auto helps the windshield wipers by providing a layer of protection against rain, sleet, mud, insects, dirt, grime and grease, subtly reducing build up of dirt. Acts as a shield for rainy days and ensures clarity of vision while you're on the road. Ofine Auto is applicable on all exterior glass surfaces front and rear windscreen, side windows and headlights.

  • Brand:Ofine
  • Model:OF-0095
  • Concentrared : 1:06
  • Capacity : 90ml


Advantages :

  • Oil stain removal
  • Worm trail removal
  • Clean and bright
  • Drive safer with clear vision in bad weather
  • Smooth effective application - lasts twice as long